Whatever It Takes

by Freaks for Geeks

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released January 22, 2015

Vocals - Eric Slager
Guitar & Synth - Ryan Basiorka
Vocals - Aleksa Narbutaitis
Bass - Andrew Zimmerman
Drums - Derek Basiorka



all rights reserved


Freaks for Geeks Chicago, Illinois

We’re Freaks for Geeks. We’re from Chicago. Like the monsters of ancient Greece, we have two heads. One that plays alternative rock, and another that dabbles in hip-hop. Pop culture has infiltrated our music and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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Track Name: The Overlook
What an oversight, I was overlooked
I never did anything by the book
Except for the book, it had me shook
My sanity snatched, invisible crooks

Now madness was setting in quickly
And had “yes” been the answer receiving
Then perhaps, my family’d be living
But step back, it’s only beginning

And back to the root of the issue at hand
My mind wandered off and I lost command
There’s ghosts in the air and I can’t withstand
Brace for impact, countdown to crash land

Now tell me how it was before
How I’m not alone, rest-assured
That a pattern will begin to emerge
For obsession, there isn’t a cure

I know that everybody else wanted to go and
I know that everybody else wanted to go home

What an undersight, it disappeared
In front of my nose, I had worked for years
But a wrench in a cog stopped my gears
Consumed by the thought of invisible peers

Now power was mine for the taking
And no doubt there’d be some mistaking
The one who was doing the breaking
For madmen, there’d be no escaping

As fast as the madness took over my brain
I fought for my love and I tried to maintain
A sense of humanity through all the pain
It’s too late for me, my mind is insane

Now tell me how it was before
How I’m not alone, rest-assured
That a pattern will begin to emerge
For obsession, there isn’t a cure
Track Name: Ouroboros
The leaves they fall this time of year
And their descent means death is near
I smile wide this thin veneer
Will chip away expose us

The autumn brings with it a chill
And every breathe I take until
The moment that we will fulfill
Our fate we move in for the kill

Life moves in circles, it’s the cyclical one
Life moves in circles, as we rotate the sun like,
I move in circles, I’m the cyclical son
Life moves in circles
Life moves in circles, I’m done.

My instinct screams to run away
My heart it begs for me to stay
This brave facade that I display
will give away expose us

I watch you struggle for control
As deeper still you dig your hole
I know the truth and all it holds
I see your heart, I know your soul
Track Name: Infinite
It’s that end of the world shit, apocalypse and Armageddon
Coming down, coming fast, headed into hell or heaven
Take it back, backtrack til you remember
That it’ll be ten years this coming November
But you were always so cool, calm and collected
Yeah you were always so cool, we never suspected
That you were playing us for fools, the role you perfected
Now it’s coming to an end just like you expected

Infinite Sadness

Give me a time out, stop the clock
So I can restock the building blocks
And hopefully knock a hole in this mental block
That’s kept me caged like my mind is locked
And you threw away the key, just like you threw away a piece of me
And now it won’t be long until this whole thing is a memory, like
Once upon a time there was a girl
Whose sadness helped destroy the whole world

I used to cry with tears rolling down my face
Now I smile, watching everything unhinge - unhinge

I find a sense of peace in the doom that near
I’m in joy, waiting for the world to end - it all ends - it all ends

The second half’s the best like life imitates art right?
When it all goes dark you better hope you have a night light
Cause nights like this were made for fighting and liken
the past to the present so we all feel the presence of
the resident of my mind - my thoughts
the present tense of my crimes - I’m caught
engaged in this battle like it’s only me and you
so when it all comes to an end I’ll sit back and enjoy the view
Track Name: Lizard Brain
Well I talk about my brain
Like I talk about the stars
It clicks on like clockwork every night
And if it ceases to start
Then I'll be left in the dark
It's like my personal mind night light
Like if I started a war
With my thoughts at the core
My heart would put up one hell of a fight
But as I open my eyes
It's high time I realize
That I'll be losing this fight tonight
Just like every night

Oooh, my lizard brain causes nothing but pain to those around
Oooh, my heart knows that what goes around, comes around

Well I talk about my dreams
Like I talk about my schemes
They take total control of my sight
And when its all I can see
Their grip tightens on me
To choke out what is left of what's right
Like if my heart was a match
Then with just one little scratch
We'd get that sucker to spark and ignite
But try as I might
My options fade with the light
And I'll be losing this fight tonight
Just like every night
Track Name: The Scientist and the Crucifix
This is point of the story where I begin rhyme
As I sit back and start to reminisce about another time
Back in the past when the present was the future
And anything before you was a blur of course I refer
To the moment I first laid eyes, you saw right through my disguise
And of course to my surprise you didn’t believe one of my lies
But I told them anyway, with all the force and conviction
Of a high priced lawyer who’s got that swag and perfect diction
By this point I grabbed a jacket ‘cause your shoulder had me freezing
You gave me reason to call it quits but my dear that would be treason

This is the point of the story that I begin to win your heart
With this unexpected turn of events my luck begins to start
So I push it maybe just a little bit too far
And I notice that as I take a puff of my cigar
That you can’t control you’re yawning and its obviously not dawning
On me that your mind says run but it’s clear that my lips aren’t done
But I keep talking anyway, with that rambling incoherence
Of a padded cell mental patient trying to give you their two cents
My clumsy moves must’ve started working cause I thought I saw a smile
But with a second rejection, I’ll have to regroup for just a while

This is point of the story where I begin to spill my heart
Here’s hoping for a good finish for the more than shaky start
So at this point I think I’m running out of options
Then I take a deep breath and throw away precaution
Now its time for the grand finale, pure unadulterated skill
Its time to tell a story that will have your spine feeling chills
A scientist and a crucifix together and in the mix there’s a
Love interest who’s nothing more than a bag of tricks
And as I recite this tale, I see your eyes transfix on me
The story worked like a charm as you agree to come home with me
I can’t see the harm so I profess my love as we depart
The words aren’t returned you say it’s hard to love without a heart

Bust out of here
The silence isn’t going to clear
Find a room with view
A whisper and a soothing coo
Behind my door lies
Hidden past and fast lives
Count them on your fingers and your toes
But remember that

In the mist
I see a sun kissed scientist
Saying prayers, making faith
And in his fist
Exists a small worn crucifix
With stolen rings thrown in the mix
I see a battered silhouette
A sweetheart down and most upset
Her taste is less than gentle
More than a little mental

They look for answers in their hands
The seconds pass like falling sand
The hourglass falls to the land
Things just aren’t quite what we had planned
I can see you don’t believe me
But its trust that makes us takes the leap so jump and be free
But I have a song I can sing
To make you see that life is more than just what you and I see

In the mist there’s a scientist
Who wonders just how life can exist
He knows the theories yet he resists
So he grips the item held tight in his fist
His crucifix and what its represents
He was told to pick a side of the fence
Would anyone come to his defense?
No ending in sight we’re left in suspense
In the shadow there’s a silhouette
Of a girl who seems to be upset
Then out of the dark, I see the threat
And the burning glow of his cigarette
He the nicest jerk that she’s ever met
No doubt that she will soon forget
She’s not quite ready to quit it yet
The battered girl has no regrets